Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Contest Results

We are super excited to announce the results in the Fanfic my Fanfic contest. We were both thrilled by the quality of the fics submitted, and the inventive ways the authors paid homage to some of our the fandom's favourite fics. Reading these entries reminded us why we’re proud to be part of the Twilight fanfiction community!

First of all, we have a litany of people to thank for all of their hard work, support, pimping, editing and bannering!

The Judges: this contest might have more judges than any other contest in fanfiction history! Our judges did awesome work in not only scoring each fic in their category using a crazy spreadsheet, but also they were integral in helping us pimp.

elena taicho  mostly a lurker   froggyqueen  SnowyHedwig
wheather79   cullen crazy 01  nrbl1  bellalove72  owlsarebirdstoo
waltisafox  iambeagle   Kassiah   arden8283   ambersunshyne
liz3615  Keira Eve  jess_ann88  Tehyabella
Leah42683  SammieLynnsMom  Iwant2sparkle  xrxdanixrx
shefelldown   nmyhappyplace   KKitten  ScrtlyObsessd
Cullenboyz  SeanEmma4Evr  amcas  itsyblue1214
curalove   ssherrill115  SaritaDreaming  Amelie Gray
LIZDESMOND   sallyhop1  Radiofreeamy  Librarycard

The Betas: big love to perrymaxed and kharizzmatik for helping our contestants who were in need of a last-minute beta.

Administrative Support: thanks to twisurfgrl for helping us validate the fics, angstgoddess003 for creating the scorecard template, and katinki for consulting on tabulating the results.

A special thank you to catonspeed who designed the buttons and banners for the site, along with the winning banners. If we ever make it across the pond, we’re buying her a pitcher of mojitos.

The Fanfic authors for allowing their fics to be fic’d:
Scotch, Gin & the New Girl by jandco & wtvoc
Paper Heart by Hezpixie
Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003
Hide & Drink by Savage
Tropic of Virgo by in.a.blue.bathrobe

And the contestants! Here are the authors behind the anonymous fics:

1. Wisconsin, Tennessee, & the Man I Want To Be by hottygurl7
2. No Good Will by purelyamuse
3. Reserve and Renew by MeraNaamJoker
4. The Next Ten Minutes by spanglemaker9
5. Paper Wishes by tehyabella
6. Skeleton in My Closet by ladyrip
7. Fk My Life Fig Newtons by purelyamuse
8. Chapter 0 JamFilled Jaspers by tuesdaymidnight
9. Powder Covered Stanleys by Frenchbeanz
10. Chocolate Dipped Baby Balls by earthprincess4
11. Monumental Macaroons by gingerandgreen

And without further ado, the winners of Fanfic my Fanfic as chosen by the judges score:

The winners as chosen by popular vote:

And tied for third place:

Congratulations to the winners and participants! Thank you for taking part in this fanfiction experiment. We are truly amazed by the talent in this fandom.

AltheaJams and BellaFlan aka The Twific Pimps

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Entries are up & Voting has begun

Deadline has arrived.
Entries have been submitted.
And we're excited to say that the stories we received exceeded our expectations!

They are all up on FanFiction.net

So go, read and enjoy!!

The poll for public voting IS OPEN, so make sure you read all of the fics and then vote.

The poll is located at the top of our FanFiction.net profile

Voting will go until March 20th

* * * *



Please remember that this is a light hearted experiment where we asked authors to play around in these story worlds that we love so much. These FMF authors aren't trying to replicate the original author's voice or improve upon it in any way, they are just having fun revisiting these characters.

Of course comparisons to the original will be made, so anyone brave enough to put themselves out there despite that fact, deserves our respect. You are more than welcome to like or not like the entries you read, but as you can tell by the lack of entries we received for several of the fics, very few people had the balls to even try.

And with that, ENJOY these entries for Fanfic My Fanfic. And then vote in the poll.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#Readalong or Just Reread

Want to Fanfic a Fanfic but it's been forever since you've read it? Need a refresher?

Join us for the Tropic of Virgo #readalong on Twitter
Wednesday, the 23rd at 8pm CST (9pm EST)
What's a #readalong? - Where we all read a fic at the same time
and chat about it on Twitter as we go. For more info, go HERE

Or reread the fics here:

Scotch, Gin & the New Girl by jandco & wtvoc

Paper Heart by Hezpixie

Wide Awake by AngstGoddess003

Hide & Drink by Savage

Tropic of Virgo by in.a.blue.bathrobe

Check out the Straight to the Vein podcast episodes dedicated to talking all about


Sunday, February 20, 2011

UPDATE: Deadline Extended!

The deadline for submitting entries for Fanfic My Fanfic has been extended through March 3rd.

This means you have plenty of time to get in your pasttake, futuretake, missing moment, or alternate ending for one of the stories up for fanfic'ing:

Wide Awake, Tropic of Virgo, Paper Heart
Hide and Drink, and Scotch, Gin and the New Girl

We've heard that one thing holding people back from writing for this contest is concern about offending the authors. Just wanted to make sure it's clear that we have the full support of each author and a whole slew of judges and readers who are all excited to see what you can come up with. So go to town and Fanfic My Fanfic!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Catonspeed is my hero!

Check out the kick ass blinkie and button made for Fanfic My Fanfic by the lovely and talented Catonspeed!

Feel free to grab either of these and use to help us pimp the hell out of this contest.

We need your help in spreading the word. Do not be afraid of using guilt or coercion to persuade friends and loved ones to write for this contest :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Campfire on ADF

I just posted some information about the contest on A Different Forest. Just trying to spread the word about Fanfic My Fanfic and maybe spark some ideas and get people thinking about the kinds of stories they could write.

Want some ideas for writing for Fanfic My Fanfic?

Have some ideas of what you want to read?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Got Our Judges!

BUT you can still weigh-in on the fanfics that are submitted to the contest.
The Popular Vote
Once all entries have been submitted and validated, they will be posted to the FNF FFnet page, and linked from this site. Everyone is invited to join in on the popular vote, which will take place on this site during March. 

A note about judging
The people who have signed up to judge for each fic category are superfans of the original fic. We are asking both judges and readers to keep the following in mind about this particular contest: see About this Contest

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now that the judges are lined up, all we need are submissions!
Write for Fanfic My Fanfic and take us back into the story world of 1 of the 5 classic fics up for fanfic'ing. For more information, click SUBMIT A FIC